Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bitty European Appliances

Our kitchen has two European refrigerator freezers and we'll get by, but we couldn't make it with one. Too bitty. Now that all of my pot and pans have arrived, it is fun to see how many of them do not fit in the oven. No turkey roaster. No cookie sheets. I have doubts about the muffin tin. There is no place for an American oven, though we do have an American refrigerator. It is not plugged in and just serving to hold up our dry erase board and magnets. I think we will send it back, but Curt is reluctant. We don't need a big refrigerator if you can cook big. Even the range top is small. Small burners that are too close together for out big pans.

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Connie said...

urg! Gives me flashbacks to living in England. I could stand in one place in the kitchen and touch the cabinets to either side by stretching a little! Stove/oven was tiny - which screwed up my baking especially (watch the times!). It had a nice toaster oven thingy built into the top though. I hated the undersink washing machine too. Put 2 sets of BDU's in, and it was too full - as we were both in the Army, this was actually something we needed to do. Neither of our cars could be parked in the garage - they wouldn't fit! (Mustang and Amigo - we're not talking a Suburban or anything). Ceilings and lights were constant hazards to our health as well. Have to say, that despite the mini-housing and appliances, we loved our time there, but we're both tall, and we felt like Barbie and Ken trying to live in a dollhouse made for those itty-bitty 4" dolls! :-D