Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Learning Tower

We got a Learning Tower for Ian. It is a height-adjustable platform that is designed to bring your child (18 months and older) up to counter height to interact with you in the kitchen. It is pricey and large, but it received such rave reviews from people with the same parenting style that we went ahead and bought it. Why not just use a chair or step stool? The main reason is stability and safety. It is designed not to tip. It has rails on 4 sides to help keep a child from failing. Also, it has a platform where he can play with toys and it is easy to clean, unlike the fabric on the chairs.

After he helped put it together, he sat in it for an hour straight. It is great because it keeps him occupied and out of trouble while Curt and I are working in the kitchen. It engages him because he can see what I am doing and the possibilities for helping with cooking projects will increase as he gets older. It is encouraging us to try more kitchen activities with him. Even washing his hands is much easier with it. He can do it himself and that is what he wants to do.

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