Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fly Lady, Take Me Away!

We've fallen off the Fly Lady wagon, but as Fly Lady says, just start back up again. I just don't know how the house seems to fall apart completely so quickly. The more I am FLYing the longer it takes, but it was a rough day today.

At Gymnastics class, Ian was totally uncooperative except for the tunnel and the balance beam. I know I need to let him do things in his time, but I am used to him being the best in the class no matter what class it is or where we are, he is the star. Gymnastics is helping him follow directions more, but he does not like going through the stations. He does not like to sit with me and sing songs, but he is starting to do the hand motions with the songs. I have to remember to strike a balance between working with him on the skills and letting him enjoy himself and come to it on his own. I got off balance today because I got frustrated and he was throwing himself around. Since he liked the beam and wanted to do more beam while the others were singing, that is what we did. He refused to do a forward roll on the ground at the forward roll station, but he did do a forward roll on the beam (I think it is about 2 feet off the ground, but I was holding him). I saw him pour water on his pants, but he also had a really wet diaper so I couldn't tell what it was so he had to do the class in his t-shirt and diaper. The class ended at 10:30 and then I had to get to the hospital for Ian's appointment. I stopped by to make sure our insurance got changed but the lady was busy and I needed to get to his appointment so we left. We sat in the waiting room until 11:30am and then everyone started to leave. I went to the recption to make sure that they knew we were still there. 10 more minutes passes and I told the medic that if everyone went to lunch I was going to lose it! Finally the doctor came out, I was almost crying. I had forgotten the cheerios and crackers in the car and Ian had been crying for the past 20 minutes,"Cer-real-eal! Cereal! Cer-real-eal!" I didn't want to run out to the car because I didn't want to miss our appointment, the receptionist is Korean and it is hard to know if they fully understand you so I didn't want to risk telling her I'd be right back and missing the appointment. At the same time, I thought, even if I do get into this appointment, the insurance people will beat lunch when I finish so I won't be able to get that done. Luckily, the doctor came out before I really lost it. I tried to calm myself quickly and he was apologetic. I appreciate that they take time with patients and things happen, I just didn't want to slip through the cracks, especially since as civilians, we have to pay to be treated at military facilities.

Anyway, the reason for the appointment is that Ian's head is mis-shapen and has been since the womb (he was a c-section, but stuck in the same breech position for the last 3 months). I thought someone would have said something before but he has always had a lot of hair so maybe the doctors hadn't noticed. He had his hips evaluated at Shriner's so they should have noticed, but no one ever said anything. I keep hearing things about head shape so I wanted someone to look at his head. The doctor said it will probably always be like that, but it won't hurt him and that if they were going to do something, it would have had to have been done when he was much younger. Oh well. Hope he doesn't go bald like Curt!

Anyway. Stopped by to deal with the insurance. Gave the new card. We couldn't check the claim status because the rest of the people were at lunch, but at least I think I got that task done. Again, some communication difficulties because the employee was Korean. Bureaucracy compounded by different languages is tough. I guess I will know if the interaction was successful if I get another notice on the bill.

When we got home to the trashed house, I decided to tackle the most unappealing tasks first: the food trash. There was some in a pot by the new composter that was very disgusting (failed interpretation of the directions so we had to start over). Bugs were breeding in it. Gross. Got it out. Then had to make a second trip for the can and bowl in the kitchen. Ian was not very cooperative on these excursions in the rain, but I needed to get them done. Afterwards, we had lunch and I tried to put Ian down for a nap. It took awhile, but he is finally out. Now, I am soaking the food collection can. Need to clean up the kitchen so we can start fresh now that the composter is working.

Another thing we are working on is tracking our expenditures and making a budget. It will take time, but my goal is to start June 1. I have to do lots of prep work to set things up between now and then. Plan to Fly lady it and do it in 15 minute chunks. Gather the info slowly and get more and more detailed.

So today, I need to clean the food collection can, clean the kitchen, make dinner and clean up afterwards. 15 minutes on the treadmill. 15 minutes of working on the finances. If I have time, clean the Master Bathroom sink, toliet and tub.

Blog post done. Time to work!


Connie said...

oh! A really hard day!! Hang in there fellow fly-baby! :-)

I know how my house gets trashed - I can name names! And it is hard to catch up when you are running in circles handling stressful stuff all day long.

I think I am learning how not to crash and burn better - slowly... It is so hard to do a little and stop, then move on to do something else to avoid burn out. I have to remember to sit and REST for a bit too... otherwise my feet hurt and I get exhausted and then want to sit and rest for a long bit. I am still falling off the stop wagon though. urg. flutter flutter flutter.

Cairo Mama said...

The kitchen and the floors are the most frustrating. Never ending. The kitchen is in pretty good shape today. I need to get the livingroom today. There are a few errands I want to get done and I need to do the treadmill for 15 minutes. Didn't happen yesterday. Still feeling overwhelmed and trying to work through it!

Connie said...

My most frustrating thing is CLUTTER! I am not against having things, and because we move a lot, I want the kids to have the control/security of keeping what they want and decorating their room as they wish. My husband and I also like things. Things are good. And I am totally against throwing things away just because they are in the way (recycle, reuse, save the planet :-) !) But there has to be a line drawn - and where I want the line is a bit tighter than where anyone else wants it. It's frustrating - but we're baby-stepping.

I hate ironing, bathtubs, and the cat box. I am still considering getting someone part-time to handle the first two! Our floors need constant attention too, but that's not a chore I mind. I keep a huge stash of cheap and thin washcloths (bath type, not kitchen) and use them to spot-clean throughout the day. Use one, toss in a bucket in the laundry room. I do a big wash with bleach at the end of the week.

I'm trying to work weight training in during the day. We have a bench and weight set... I dust it!.. once upon a time, we used it. I've got to put it in the schedule.

Cairo Mama said...

Have you printed out the Momentum workouts on Fly Lady? I printed them, but haven't tried them, yet. I have been getting to yoga pretty regularly. I need to start using the treadmill. I just hate waste and poor choices, when you buy something that doesn't work for you or doesn't wear well or you don't use, I feel horrible about it.

Once a week for a maid would really help. We used Vicki (from the Philippines) once a week. She cleaned everything well, even windows and she worked 4-5 hours for $25. $5 an hour, but sometimes she got things done faster than 5 hours, but we still paid the same. Her phone number is 012-755-2807. I don't know if she is still in Cairo, but she is totally worth it.

Connie said...

Tag! You've been tagged with 6 random things, local edition! :-)

I haven't tried the momentum movements. I'm still trying to use what I have - urg! Perhaps organization would help?! ;-D

I will keep Vicky's number. I would have preferred to have called back our old housekeeper/nanny, but she seems to think she can talk her way back to a full job. I don't want to encourage that! I haven't even called her for babysitting. My friend here has someone who works close to my home and I may speak with her first. Thanks though - personal references are always the best place to start!

Cairo Mama said...

What I like about Vicki is that she works quickly, does a great job and doesn't try to get more out of you. One day a week made a big difference. She doesn't need to be supervised. Just tell her your priorities and she will make sure those get done and more. She will do things like reorganize your tupperware if she has extra time after the big things are done. I'm sure she could babysit as well. I never asked her to babysit because Ian was so little, but she was always very responsible.