Monday, May 25, 2009

Time for a Serious Purge

Moving is always a good time to purge, no sense in moving stuff you don't need. I went to look for a bathing suit in my things and found a whole lot of clothes that I had forgotten about. Most don't fit now and most of those I haven't worn in years anyway. Time to admit a few things:

1. The nursing clothing I got on clearance for "great deals" does not fit. Time to pass it on. It is never going to fit, but could be very useful to someone else.

2. I cannot wear underwire bras while I am nursing. In September, I will have been nursing for three years and I anticipate nursing until at least March of 2011. I hope to be pregnant with baby number three by then which would mean another two years of nursing. Who knows what size I will be at the end of all that? Many of the bras are from college when I was a bigger size than my current pre-pregnancy size.

3. Some of the clothing items are either dated or just never fit right. It is not going to change.

4. Other things are costume-type or special occasion things that I may keep, but need to keep separately so I can find my useful everyday items easier and find the specialty items on the rare occasion that I need them.

5. Some of the clothing is not wearable during nursing. I did just order a strapless nursing bra which could expand possibilities, but somethings just need to be relegated to my youth. Time to move on.

6. I have some business suits that were purchased when I thought I was going to law school 4 years ago. I thought I might have occasion to wear them, but I never did. Not once. I think I will let my sister (in med school) try them when she comes to visit and she can them if she wants. Otherwise: donation pile. If I ever go to law school or return to a business/school environment where suits are needed, I will need new suits since those will be too far out of date. Playgroups and yoga school, do not require business suits.

7. Sock and underwear: out with the old and in with the new! I will probably not report how many pairs I pitch (too embarrassing), but at least they are old and have been acquired over time.

Since I am going to try to start sewing Eva's clothes, I may keep some things to use for fabric, but if I don't use them within a year, I will pitch* those, too.

*Except for socks and underwear, I will donate or pass the rest of the clothing.

For my own knowledge, I will sort everything and count the number of pieces I have to get rid of. I may not be brave enough to share, but I think that will help me from making purchasing mistakes in the first place like:

1. Buying things that aren't quite right but are a really "great deal".

2. Failure to return: I hate dealing with returns so in the past I would convince myself that it would be alright and then never wear the item or be unhappy when I wore the item.

3. Waiting until the last minute to buy what I need and then having to get whatever was available even if it wasn't quite right.

Luckily, one of my mom-to-be friends is planning to have a "Naked Lady Party" this summer where everyone brings the things that aren't quite right. Anything that isn't taken by another guest is donated. Good deal.

Anyone else have this problem? Are you disgusted with yourself for over-consumption and STILL having "nothing" to wear?


Sarah said...

I hear you. How many jackets does one woman need? I could keep half of North Korea warm this winter...

For me now it's confusing to decide what to keep and what to toss since I don't fit in any of my prepregnancy clothes, but hope to .... HOw realistic can I be??

Mama Seoul said...

As long as you lose the weight before your next pregnancy, you should keep the things. If you get pregnant again before you lose the weight, you should start tossing because it will be even harder to get back to that size after a second pregnancy if you don't lose it before.

I have too much of certain items that are still good, but the amount is overwhelming. I just got through the first sort, but will revisit in a few weeks.

JessinSeoul said...

What's this about a Naked Lady party? Is this EMCK? Sounds interesting.

Mama Seoul said...

Yes, DeVika mentioned it. It isn't scheduled, yet, but I think it is a good idea.

Melissa said...

K Zam, you remain my organizational guru. Ugh! I need to do a closet/dresser cleaning before I move again.