Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eva is 2 Months Old


Eva turned two months old today. Her favorite hobbies remain sleeping (while being held or, recently, in a swing) and eating. She is awake more now and seems to enjoy music and listening to stories. (Ian did not like to be read to until he was almost 2). She is very strong and likes to stand. She has rolled over from her back to her stomach a few times (the first time was when she was about 2 days old), but doesn't do it a lot. During tummy time, she scooches forward. She made it about 6 inches the other day. She doesn't spit up much, but when she does, she projectile vomits in tidal wave fashion (usually on me or my things). I am enjoying this cuddly baby stage.

We had a coffee (and pretzel) date with L and her baby K at Tom & Tom in Itaewon. Ian was not very cooperative, but it was still fun for me. K is a very smiley baby and it was fun to see him in person for the first time. Eva slept through most of it. I did get a picture at the end. Ian was crying, L was laughing and K and Eva were looking at her. Unfortunately, my card got corrupted so I think the pictures are lost.

Afterwards, we had lunch with Curt. It is Children's Day in Korea, so most of the Koreans were off and he was the only one n the office. Eva slept through most of lunch as well.

Then, we went for Eva's two month check up: rude awakening! She got two shots today and she hurts. She has redness and swelling around one of the injection sites. I gave her a bit of Baby Tylenol and she is sleeping again. We are going to go for a 3 month shot-only visit to get 2 other vaccines. I wonder if I should have spaced things even more because the one shot was a combo vaccine and had several things in one. We don't have a family history of autism or bad reactions to vaccines, but I worry about these things. I had forgotten my Dr. Sears' Vaccine Book at home so I couldn't ask the brand, but when I got home, I realized that the shot she got had a lot of aluminum. Aluminum toxicity due to aluminum in ivs and injectable meds has been studied (mostly in premies), but it has not been studied in vaccines at the levels you get it with these combo shots. There is no evidence that it causes a problem (but maybe because it hasn't been studied), but I still worry. Now I feel especially bad because she is hurting. She was so upset she wouldn't nurse. That never happened to Ian.

Since we are overseas and will be traveling to China soon (hopefully in July) the risk of exposure to a lot of these things are a lot higher than in the US.

Everything else looked good. She has a preference for leaning her head to one side, but she can turn to the other side and the doctor felt her muscles and there was no evidence of torticollis. She was 5.2 kg (11 lbs 4 oz) and 22 inches.

Ian got to go to the playground after the doctor. He got very sweaty and had lots of fun. Eva slept through the playground. It wasn't until we got home that she cried and the swelling appeared in her leg. Poor baby.

*From Eva's newborn photoshoot taken by Brooke Bass. If you are in Erie, PA, check her out.


Connie said...

Oh. What a sad little girl. I hate shots too :( Not so much on me, but on my kids. What a great photo of the two kids together :)

Mama Seoul said...

I know. You can tell she hurts in that photo. It is different from the normal cries of hunger or impatience.