Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Puppy Girl in Georgia

Highrise living in a dog un-friendly country was not going well so I took Roxxy to live with my sister and her dog (Roxxy's nephew) in Georgia before I came back to Korea. Roxxy has a big yard to play in as well as a friend to play with and my sister looks cool walking two boxers through the neighborhood. The neighbors have dogs. There are dog parks in the city and the yard is huge.

Beyond the coolness factor, my sister is in medical school and Roxxy helps keep her dog, Teddy, entertained and exercised. The dogs were already bonded to each other from the time they spent together over holidays at my parents' house. This is good because there may come a point in my sister's education/career when we have to take both dogs.

She just sent pictures today to show how happy the dogs are together.

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