Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eva, the Easy Baby

Eva has been very easy so far. She sleeps a lot. She eats a lot. She doesn't ask for much, just to be held (while she sleeps) and to eat when she wants. I try to accommodate both these requests and am fairly successful except that she's been waking up in the car while we are on the way to the base. She has been smiling a lot more and even laughed in her sleep recently. She also loves to float in the bathtub with me and this weekend w ewill try out the pool. I tried her bathing suit and swim diaper on her the other day and they fit so she is ready. I am going to wear the Baby Bjorn in the pool to keep her secure and get some use out of it.


Connie said...

Aw! Awesome photos of the girls :)

Sarah said...

Eva's so cute!

What's the deal with babies and swimming? I was wondering about this...they can't just wear diapers in the water can they? Wouldn't they get all waterlogged?

Mama Seoul said...

They need to wear a swim diaper. There are disposable versions:

and washable versions:

Neither one really contains pee, they are meant mostly for containing poop and they work about the same.

Sarah said...

Aaahh, another thing to search for in Korea!

Elita said...

So cute and she looks so much like Ian!