Friday, May 8, 2009

New Furniture

When we were in Egypt, the US Embassy provided all furniture. Here, we are under the Army and they don't. You get loaner furniture for 90 days, until your shipment comes. Many people told me that they had government furniture for years, that you could keep it as long as you want it. Well, we finally got the request to return it a few months ago. We got an official extension because we were in the States and/or traveling. We have beds, Egyptian end tables, exercise equipment and a large, blue recliner (an unauthorized purchase by C) that belong to us, but no dining or living room furniture. We've been looking, but the things they have on post are uninspiring as are what you can order from the catalog. What we've seen off post, is small. Mostly 4 person tables. I found a nice teak table in an antique store (it wasn't an antique) but it was just too much money. They wanted $2000 for the table and more for the chairs.

Finally, we found two tables on post at the gift shop. The gift shop imports things from all over Asia. The big dining table came with 6 chairs and is mango wood, a sustainable hardwood. It has a built-in leaf. It is sturdy and the design is simple, but with just enough style. It will be easy to find additional chairs to match if we want to in the future.

The other table came with two benches and has a carved top covered in glass. We have it in the kitchen right now, but we could use it for other purposes like a fun computer work station for both of us at once. We'll have to see how our new place is laid out.

Next, we need to find livingroom furniture. The furniture store on post has big, bulky couches. Anything remotely plain either has ultrasuede fabric (which I hate because of the constant butt prints)*, loose pillow backs (they look like crap after a few months of use) or weird colors. Off post, we found lots of low, leather sectionals in black or brown and extremely weird, loud or dated printed fabric couches. Of these options, I think we will look to buy low, leather off post.

*This fabric is always touted as "great for families" because it is so durable and you can just brush out the lines. Well, you have to CONSTANTLY brush out the butt and ball prints that are left on the couch every time someone sits on them. I can't stand this fabric.

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