Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Real Estate Agent Hates Us

That's how I felt after apartment/house hunting today. We saw one house that was perfect. It is in Hannam and the kitchen and bathrooms have been redone. They aren't as nice as the highrise apartment buildings, but they are nice enough. The floor plan is open enough for our things and the way we live. It is partially furnished which solves our lack of livingroom furniture issue and it is walking distance to several schools for Ian. The problem, the reason we can afford it, is that the garage is short. In fact, it is too short for our Hyundai Tucson. The guy owns the house above ours and we could park up there, but then it is a steep walk down through the top property to get to our property. Our 1991 Kia Pride (Curt's car) will fit in the garage, but I like my Hyundai. I don't want to drive the hooptie. I think we are going to have to wait. My friend Sarah, suggested a complex and when I asked the real estate agent she said,"Ah, yes. Very, very big. You cannot afford." We may end up looking in Sungbokdong or the dong next to it that begins with a P. It would be more of a trip for Curt, but we can get more space for less. There is also a new complex opening on the other side of the river that we will look at soon, so maybe that will be the answer.

We'll be in the next place for two years so we really need to make a good choice. All I want is lots of pyeong, open floor plan, place for my American large appliances, easy driving access, easy parking within the LQA. Is that too much to ask?


Sarah said...

Actually, that's a lot to ask for in Seoul (lol), but you'll find it if you're flexible about location, don't worry.
Too bad about King's Garden. I don't think the layout is much bigger than must be the location. It's prime.

JessinSeoul said...

I know there are two apartments in our place maybe three that are available. One is a 4 bedroom. Layout is large but there are no pools or anything like that. I know you were hoping to keep up with a community within your living arrangements. However it is very close to the Commissary gate and base and Itaewon. I don't find it hard to stay connected to my friends here. And it is very quiet at night and during the day. Try Owl's town. Dongbingo-dong