Friday, May 8, 2009

Pyeong Envy

Just got back from seeing places with the real estate agent and I have pyeong envy (for myself in my current place!). I didn't realize how big my place was compared to most others. We decided to look in Hannam because it is a good place for foreigners and close to the base, but we can't afford the big, modern places in Hannam. Inside, the places were nice, but something was missing. What? At least 20 pyeong. Other problematic things: roads are very narrow and hard to get to the place; garage entrance was short for our car (Hyundai Tuscan); 3rd floor with no elevator; no vent for American dryer; no room for American refrigerator; many small rooms instead of open floor plan. We have a good housing allowance, but not as high as the foreigners who are here with corporations.

We did see one place that was two levels. The elevator was bity and the layout was a bit odd, but we could have made the second floor the master bedroom, exercise room and storage. We need room for a king-sized bed, two night tables and a crib in our master. The second floor would fit. But, the bathrooms and kitchen aren't the greatest.

I hope we can just stay in our current complex.

There are other areas to look in as were suggested in the comments. Just overwhelming to think about.


packfamily said...

It's always tough to think about going from a bigger unit to a smaller one! I fear when we get back to the US, we'll end up in a smaller place.

If you want to see our place in Park Tower you are welcome to come by sometime. (And so you dont think I am a total wierdo, my daughter was in the gymnastics class right after your son on Monday.)

The new furniture looks great! I've never been in that gift shop before.

Mama Seoul said...

I'll be at the playground after Ian's gymnastics class. Stop by before you go in, if you get the chance. I may take you up on that!

Sarah said...

Your place is seriously big... I hope you can stay's really nice and you won't get a better view.

But do check out the Gwanghwamun area. Probably quite pricey, but you may find something. Such a good area....

Mama Seoul said...

I think our LQA is high enough to get big place in a not so great area, but not high enough to get a place in a desirable area. But we will keep looking.