Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nursing Bathing Suit

The pool opened this weekend and when I went to try on my bathing suit, it was seriously lacking in coverage and support. There will be no bikinis this summer, either. I went online to look for a nursing swimsuit. Horrors! The choices are very limited.

There are the super matronly floral mom-suits:

Then the mostly black, shapeless, sporty mom suits:

This one manages to be both girlie and matronly at the same time:

They had some that were too maternity looking. I can't get the image to copy, but trust me.

This one, was o.k., but a little too sporty for my taste and not very forgiving on the tummy:

Finally, I found this one and this is what I ordered:

This suit has a little style/shape and looks like some coverage and hopefully some support and is the right price. But, can this really be the best there is?

There is definitely an empty niche in the market. The other thing is that it is often hard to find a size small. I ordered a suit from Motherwear in medium (the smallest size) and it was more flattering than it looks, but the colors were a bit too bright and it was too big so I passed it onto a slightly bustier friend who could fill it out better. At least I got it on summer clearance so I didn't pay that much for it. But, I am trying to make better purchases now.

I supposed I don't really need a dedicated nursing suit, but most bathing suits either don't have enough support or have underwire. They seem to either have zero butt coverage or too much so that it is saggy or matronly.
Just have to hope my swimsuit gets here soon. My order was placed almost 6 weeks ago. Very annoying. I need that California Baby Sunscreen!

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Elita said...

I have heard really good things about the Lands End tankini. It's not technically a nursing suit, but I have heard breastfeeding moms rave. The suits are not cheap but are very flattering.