Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eva's First Bottle

With Ian, I bought an Ameda Purely Yours pump. It is a high quality, double electric pump, but cheaper than the much loved Medela Pump in Style.I wanted a good quality pump, because cheap pumps often hurt and take longer. However, as a stay-at-home-mom, I do not need to pump very often and I discovered that I don't like to pump, so I really didn't use it much. In fact, I don;t think I used it at all after Ian was 6 months old. I used it more in the beginning because we had nursing problems for the first 10 weeks and I needed the break. I introduced the bottle at 6 weeks and gave him one bottle a day (either pumped milk or formula) until 12 weeks. After that, it was sporadic because I was with him most of the time. My mom gave him the bottle and he took it very easily.

With Eva, she had a perfect latch from birth so I was not in a hurry to get her to try the bottle. Still, I want her to take it so that I CAN leave her for a few hours if I want to do something without her. So, yesterday, I broke out the pump and pumped an ounce out of one breast while she nursed on the other (so she wouldn't be too hungry or frustrated when we tried the bottle). We tried the Adiri Natural Nurser. I bought two Adiris to replace my BPA-containing Dr. Brown's bottles that I used with Ian. Curt gave her the bottle and she happily took it for a few minutes. Then, she lost interest.

This morning, Ian tried to give her the rest. She chewed the nipple, but wasn't really drinking. I thought it might be the angle, so I took her and tried to give her the rest. Her response: projectile vomit! And she is not a spitter. Gross. OK we'll try again another time. I dumped the rest of the milk in a cup and gave it to Ian. Not wasting a drop. Pumpers understand this.


Connie said...

I worked, so had to pump. I also moved so had to deal with my pump plus hospital grade rental pumps. It's doable. And it's good to have the milk when you're away. My kids NEVER had a single drop formula. Not bragging, just satisfied. In a place where you can rent, it is good to try several brands... but often that is not an option. You just have to get one and hope. Thank goodness for bloggers and other reviewers like you. I had no clue 8 years ago! Now, I would be able to research better.

Mama Seoul said...

That is awesome that you were able to pump so much, especially after c-sections. So many people give up when they have to pump because it can be so much hassle. I want to start building a small freezer stash, but we are moving at the end of June, so I think I'll just pump a little bit to get her used to the bottle and give the leftovers to Ian to drink.