Friday, July 30, 2010

Post-Birth Feast

On Monday evening, the evening after the placenta was released, I finally cut my bracelet from the Blessingway Weaving a Web activity.

After both of my births, the first place I went right after getting home from the hospital, was out for sushi. Amy loves sushi and before the birth she had said that she wanted sushi as her post-birth meal celebration. Because of the placenta issue, though, we all got distracted. By Monday evening, the food that Curt cooked, finally mostly run out. We tried to muster the brain power to come up with something for dinner but we were struggling. Then, it came to me, sushi! As soon as I said it, we were both like,"Of course, how could we have forgotten about sushi!" Josh went to Fuji on Post and brought back a feast.

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