Saturday, July 17, 2010

Holy Eggplant!

Scalini's restaurant in Georgia is famous for "Eggplant Babies", that is, babies born within 48 hours of their mothers eating Scalini's Eggplant Parmigiana. They have shared their recipe on tv and online. To celebrate my friend, Amy's, due date, we decided to make it.

It was FABULOUS! The recipe is definitely a keeper. She didn't go into labor last night, but her friend who lives their said that you need to drink a glass of red wine with it for it to work. We may have to test that theory with the leftovers!

We used fresh basil (from Amy's garden), parsley and rosemary. We used canned tomatoes because they are so much easier and Amy's tomatoes suffered a tragic end. We used whole milk ricotta and what a difference! We also grated the Romano and Parmesean cheeses ourselves. Devine and delish!


*shell* said...

Oh that looks SO YUMMY, I will have to try it when the eggplants in my garden are ready to pick!

Mama Seoul said...

Amy planted eggplant as well, but they had to move unexpectedly and planting was delayed and they didn't make it. I can imagine this dish would be even better with fresh eggplant and tomatoes!