Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peer Pressure Potty Learning

Friend A and her 2 year old son have been staying with me while waiting for her baby to make his/her appearance. Before they arrived, I had successfully gotten Eva to use the little potty (she usually goes on the big toilet with a seat reducer but she can't do that herself). She never liked to sit on it before. She even went a few times on her own initiative. Then, G came and he uses a little potty. Eva has taken a giant leap in potty learning! If she is diaper-free, she will go to the potty on her own. If she is wearing underwear or a diaper, she will go sit on the potty and pee into her underwear/diaper. So, the next step will be getting her to take her underwear off before she goes.

As long as G is pants-free, he goes on the potty, but he seems to have the same problem as Eva when he has underwear on. He goes on the potty sometimes and sometimes he doesn't. He actually started to get interested in peeing standing up when he saw Ian do it. Unfortunately, Ian has been at school all day so G hasn't fully gotten it. Ian has a school break now, though, I am sure A would rather have her baby soon and go home than stay and have her son move on to the big potty. I think once he does it successfully a few times, he will be hooked. That is the way is seems to go with little boys.

I try to assist her dumping so the contents actually make it into the toilet and then I wash it out and let her carry it back. The interesting thing is that she stopped peeing in her diaper overnight and during naps months ago. Since she has been going to the potty self-initiated, she has been going in her sleep!


Morning Calm said...

Love eva's blue dress. Did you make this? If not, where is it from?

Mama Seoul said...

Kate Quinn Organic:

Really good sales...