Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coffee Date

She Runs:

She Blows Kisses:

She eats whipped cream and refuses to accept that iced lattes are not for babies.


Sarah said...

I gave G a sip of my iced latte once to prove to her that she would not like it, and she went, "MMMMMM!" Not the reaction I was looking for. We missed you at Gerry's yesterday.

Mama Seoul said...

Babysitter cancelled and Eva was in a terrible mood. She hasn't been napping with all the people around so we really need to get into a good schedule and calm down for awhile.

MommyCha said...

Thomas doesn't like coffee thankfully, but Tom drinks Americano with no sweetener so maybe that is why! ^.^ The sip technique has backfired for us with whiskey, wine and coca-cola so far. >.<
Hope we can get a chance to all get together again soon!

sharon said...

Tyler loves the frappucinos!