Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy VBAC Anniversary to Shelley/Happy Birthday to Reese

Right after my VBAC, I told my doula, Kelly, that if she had any other VBAC clients who wanted to talk, I would be happy to share my experience. As fate would have it, Kelly's next client was a VBAC mom. We talked by e-mail and phone. Eva was born in March and she was due towards the end of June. I went back to Korea at the end of April, but I did get the birth announcement, that baby Reese was born by VBAC!

Today, I got an e-mail from her because they just celebrated Reese's first birthday and she was thinking about her birth. I have been thinking about her since Eva's birthday since she was one of the first VBAC moms I encouraged. She was already preparing and planning to do it and taking all the right steps, I just tried to pass on some of the support that I received and share my positive story as a way of cheering her on. Even though, I played a very small role in her birth preparations, she remembered. One year later, she remembered.

I am amazed, humbled and encouraged by that to continue my work which will sometimes be just sharing my story over e-mail and sometimes, by attending them as a doula.

It is funny because we both used the same Martha Stewart Dahlia decorations for their first birthdays. Here are pictures from Eva's birthday.

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*shell* said...

Thanks so much. It meant the world to me to have your encouragement and support. Just knowing that other women have done VBAC successfully gives you the courage to try when so many people are telling you not to do it. Hope we'll get to meet up soon!