Saturday, July 17, 2010

Doula Bag

I've been using an old, beat up roller bag for my doula bag, but Amy surprised me with a Doula Backpack from with lots of fun things inside to try out. The bag has a waist strap so I can be hands-free to help the mom if I need to walk from the Stork's Nest to the hospital with her. Should have a couple of chances soon!


Yuchuan said...


My husband is visiting Seoul next two weeks. I would like to know if there is any baby stores in Seoul. Actually, I'm looking for "Playtex liner". Thank you so much.

Best Regards

Mama Seoul said...

There is a Toys R US (I think there is one at Seoul Station and if you search my blog, you'll find a post where the other one is I think Guri station)that would probably have those. EMart, Costco or Lotte Mart might have them as well.

Are you living somewhere in Korea or outside of Korea? GMarket is like Amazon Marketplace. You can find almost anything on GMarket.

AliceAtYourDoulaBag said...
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AliceAtYourDoulaBag said...

I hope you are enjoying your doula bag and supplies!

Owner and Doula