Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dr. Fish Pedicure

That is Chalica making the squealing sound in the video. I was much cooler than that as I approached the tub and stuck my feet right in, only to withdraw them quickly with the same ridiculous squeal! It is a freaky sensation. I had to really relax and focus to get used to it. This place is primarily a coffee shop. You have to buy a coffee and then the Dr. Fish soak is 2,000 won for 20 minutes. It is a lot of fun and definitely a must-do for any visitors to Korea.

Gangnam Station, Exit 6 walk a few minutes. The cafe is on the second floor across the street from the Skin Food and Adidas stores. It doesn't say Dr. Fish on the outside, it says something like "Book and Coffee".

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MommyCha said...

They tickle WAY too much for my comfort! I do love me a pedicure though and it is past time to get my toes done! Spring is arriving and sandal time is here! I would be interested in a pedicure meet up ANYTIME! Well, any Friday/Saturday/Sunday that is! ^^