Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Unders

I ordered a pair of babyMISHA infant underwear from Diaper-Free Baby to try with Eva. They come in plain and prints in sizes S (0-6 months), M (3-12 months) and L (6-18 months). They are just small underwear without any absorbent layers.

I ordered size L because this summer I think I may put her in dresses and let her go diaper-free as a continuation of our EC journey. I compared them to Baby Gap underwear size 2T-3T (Ian's) and they are a bit smaller and definitely have smaller leg openings. The size L fits her now and should fit her through the summer. I also have Hanna Andersson size XS (also Ian's) and those are much bigger. Most of what is available in EC wear seems to be made by small companies, so you need to custom order or wait for stock to come in. I may ask my sewing teacher to help me make some myself.

She was very comfortable in them. In fact, she took off running. I had her diaper free (not in the underwear) for a long time time evening and she did pee on the floor but it shocked her and she cried. I took her to the potty immediately. It was too late of course, but I am hoping to strengthen the association.

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MommyCha said...

Thomas just removed his pants and diaper for the first time today on his own. He threw the dry diaper in the trash and then when i tried a pair of pull-ups on him, 5 minutes later they were off, wet(although he said poo) and being shook into the toilet!(I always shake poo in to the toilet!) Maybe time to invest in some proper pants for a little man. ^.~ Eva looks adorable in hers! <3