Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby Likes Tofu

Curt passed a test and wanted to go to the Fish Market to celebrate. It was rainy and cold and Ian was a bit cranky so I needed someplace closer with valet parking so we went to a nearby barbeque place. Eva ate half of the big lump of soft tofu we got as one of our side dishes. She also ate some rice, rice cakes and squash from the soup.


Sarah said...

Hey that's great. Throw some tofu into some doenjangchigae, so easy to make at home, even I can make it. She'll love it!

Who made Eva's cardi by the way? it's cute!

MommyCha said...

No way she is going to be a picky eater growing up here!
^^ Thomas also started solids with lots of soft tofu and rice cakes in restaurant side dishes. He still loves them today!

Ps-The Chinese comments are porno-spam, I get them on my blog often as well! ^^

Mama Seoul said...

My friend's husband's relative made it for their daughter and then my friend had two more babies who were both boys so she passed on several really great knit pieces to me.

Spam deleted!