Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday A!

April is crazy for us as for as birthday parties go. We are already on birthday #2 with birthday #3 and #4 scheduled. Two parties in May already as well!

Another mom-made cake:

The border around the cake is made with fancy marshmallows. I think that it is a great and easy way to add some decoration.

They had a clown who did face-painting and balloons:

A child using her balloon sword to cut down the decorations! Hey, what else was the sword for?

The party was in the building's playroom.

They had a pinata as well. I was a bit scared for the dad because there was no place to hang it from. He held it on the end of a hockey stick and the kids weren't blindfolded so there were no injuries.

Happy 4th birthday, A!


chalica pack said...

That is a PERFECT shot of Ian and his face paint. PERFECT. And whoever did the face painting is really good too!

Brenda said...

I agree with you Karen, it is a birthday season, I have two Bdays this months in my family and two more in May! Plus another two parties of friends' kids this months.