Friday, October 24, 2008

What's for Breakfast? Deviled Eggs

I decided to make deviled eggs to mix up my daily egg routine. I found this website devoted to making the perfect deviled egg. I didn't follow all the steps since I was just making them for myself but this is great information if you were going to make them for a party and wanted them to look pretty. I just made the classic filling, but several recipes are listed and it would be easy to create your own variation.


Connie said...

I LOVE deviled eggs! But, I am the only one in my family who does... sigh... I hardly ever have them.

Mama Seoul said...

I just made 6 eggs and ate them over three days. It is a good amount. It is a lot of work, though, if you follow all the steps and make them nice looking. I didn't and it was still a lot of work, but tasty.