Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stocked Up for the Weekend

Ian had his Flu Mist on Monday and then had flu-like symptoms on Thursday as did I: weakness, tiredness, I threw up, he didn't eat, both had diarrhea, he had a fever. We both seem to be better today, but since it is just before the weekend, I thought we'd better take precautions. I went to the hospital to see if I could get Ian in, they said I could go to the ER if he really needed to be seen, but otherwise I should just give him Tylenol and fluids. I also wanted to see the doctor so I could report the reaction to the Flu Mist. Not sure that is what did it, but it was very close.

I picked up some more Tylenol, Pedialyte for Ian, Gatorade for me, bottled water, milk (because we were out) and a few other snacks, the healthiest of which were string cheese and strawberries. Lots of crap, especially the Pedialyte and Gatorade, but Ian didn't eat anything yesterday and I could only get down soup so it is better than nothing. We have water delivered (in those big jugs for the dispenser) as part of our lease and we ran out of it. I tried to drink the tap water filtered through the Brita but it tasted like the river. Our water was tested this summer and they said it was safe to drink but the timing of the illness coincided with us drinking the tap water so I started wondering if that was the other cause. Plus, with the taste, I know I can't drink enough. I don't like buying individual bottles of water because of the waste, but we need to stay hydrated.

I was debating whether or not to get a flu shot this year. Now that I think I've had a mild case, maybe I don't need to, but I will be pregnant throughout the entire flu season. I think that if they have the mercury-free shot, I will do it, but if not, I won't. I don't think I even want the shot with the trace of mercury. There are enough heavy metals in the air here in Seoul that I don't want to add to it. Plus, there are lots of studies that show the flu shot doesn't work.

I have my chiropractor appointment today. Hope it goes well. I will have to take Ian with me, but that is the way it goes.


Blacktating said...

The flu shot doesn't work? Ugghh! My ped highly recommended it and because Miles is so small, they break it up into two doses so we are going back for the second dose in a few weeks. He had no symptoms or reaction to it at all. I was thinking of getting one myself because I've already had the flu once this season, as has DH and I don't want to go through that again. We really dodged a bullet with the baby not getting sick. My cousin's 11 month old caught the flu, spiked a super high fever, had a seizure and had to be rushed to the ER! They told her there is nothing they can do for him, just keep him hydrated and tylenol every 4 hours and sent her home. He has been a formula baby from the start, which I'm sure also doesn't help.

Mama Seoul said...

There are studies showing it doesn't work, but who knows? It is highly recommended. You can't catch the flu from the shot, though because it is a dead virus. The Flu Mist (goes in through the nose) what Ian had, it made from a love virus so there is a small chance of getting it from the vaccine which it looks like happened to us or maybe it was just a coincidence. The thing I am really worried about in the shot (they don;t give the Mist to pregnant women) is the mercury. I don't know. I am still torn.

Connie said...

I think Brian already got the flu. He gets allergies from the pollution, but it got worse. Heavy sinus issues, fever, nausea. Poor kiddo. That's what triggered the bad asthma attack. He's finally doing better. Might consider the flu shot for the kids. Me.. I am paranoid as hell. Every time I have got the flu shot, I get sick. Every time. Within a week. And it gets worse each time. Doctors say I am making it up.. and I move to much to have paperwork back-up. Last time I nearly ended up hospitalized with pneumonia. That was in '99. Yea.. I am that paranoid! I've got sick - maybe the flu? - a few times since, but not as bad. Maybe I will risk it this year. If I end up blogging from as-Salam hospital though, you'll know why.

Sure hope that you and Ian feel 100% better soon... and that Curt stays well!

Mama Seoul said...

Curt had a cold for a few weeks and it got worse in Hawaii, fluish-like, but he isn't here so hopefully we will all be better when he comes home!