Monday, October 6, 2008

Crying in Public

I'm not a very emotional pregnant woman. I don't get emotional in relation to my periods, either. I am a pretty passionate person and have been known to cry in public when under stress or extreme frustration (When Bush got re-elected in 2004, I cried for a week in public, multiple times a day). But today I had an episode of crying in public that was probably pregnancy related.

I went to yoga because I have 21 classes to use up before I leave in December. The schedule changes every month and since I didn't go this weekend, I didn't have the new schedule. Additionally, getting into Hourly Care is so difficult that you have to schedule two weeks in advance in order to get in, meaning, I have to schedule before I know the yoga schedule. The schedule is online and you have to have a Korean registration number to register for the website. So, I went to my husband's office to call to see what classes they were giving at 10:00am and 12:00pm because my babysitting covered both. 10:00am was Vinyasa and 12:00pm was Hot Yoga. I decided to go to Vinyasa, because, although it is still in heat, it is not as hot. I bought two bottles of water (after realizing I forgot my water bottle and phone at home) and figured I would drink a lot and take breaks if it got too hot.

I got there and the teacher, got another teacher to tell me that I couldn't take Vinyasa because it was too hard for pregnancy and dangerous. I could only take Heal class. Before I bought this latest bundle of 30 classes, I had asked the owner if I could take yoga during pregnancy because I was trying to conceive. She said,"Yes, no problem. Yoga is good for you". So I bought 30 classes and then conceived immediately. This same teacher who told me I couldn't do Vinyasa said I couldn't do yoga in the first trimester. The owner hadn't said that, but I guess she must have assumed that I knew that. So, I took the summer off from yoga, but now I need to get these classes done before I leave. I prefer to go to Heal or Hatha, but I think I can do Vinyasa with modifications. The owner might have a different perspective, but she wasn't there so I thought I was going to have to leave without going to class. So I started crying.

I explained to the other teacher that I had to use these classes and it was hard to get babysitting and I wasn't going to be able to get through them. I went upstairs to change and then they came up and said they would do a Heal class today for me so I could take class today. That was very nice, but I was really embarrassed for crying I am glad that I got to do the class, only 20 to go! I was sobbing. I couldn't control myself.

Factors complicating me using my classes:
1. Limited number of classes at times that I can go to.
2. Times I can go are limited by limited hourly care hours, husband working late, nannies that we know are only available nights and weekends and with the uncertain emergency services, I don't want to leave Ian with just anyone.
3. Appointments, Ian's classes, etc.
4. Korean holidays (I need to find out which ones result in studio closure).
5. Curt's traveling.

I do have time to get the classes done, but I don't want to be cutting it close. I wish I could guarantee that I could go three times a week at the same time, but that is hard to do. I think that will be my goal. If I can do that, I will be done in 7 weeks. I have about 10 weeks to go. The owner said she would extend the time I have to use them, but since I will be gone for so long and then have to get childcare for two kids, I don't want to have a lot of expensive classes hanging out over my head. I invested a lot in these classes and if I get to use them, it will be worth it, but if I don't, I will feel terribly guilty about it.

In other news, I got Ian signed up for Gymnastics with the new teacher because he needs more activities. I didn't think we would miss it as much as we did. I found a little suit for Ian at the Thrift Store. It was $12 which is high for the thrift store, but it is cute, nice material and I walked away on Friday. I told myself if it were still there, I would get it, so I did. Now I need to find a shirt for him to wear with it. It is Korean and I've seen them for much more than that, so I am o.k. with the deal.


Connie said...

Ah.. hormones. Crazy pregnancy hormones. sigh. Glad you had your cry though. It may have been embarrassing, but sometimes it helps to just get it out. Do you get the insane giggles too?? I think those are even more embarrassing. People are sympathetic with crying... with unstoppable giggles, they just look at you strangely. I nearly popped some staples after Brian's birth because of laughing. It HURT, but I couldn't stop. Thought the nurse was going to medicate me.

Hang in there. I sure wish you were still here (or us there) because I would love to watch Ian for you while you went to your classes. Consider yourself hugged!!!

Mama Seoul said...

Thanks! Haven't gotten the giggles while pregnant, yet. I don't cry a lot, but yesterday, I just couldn't stop.

tammi said...

I was googling gymnastics in seoul korea and your website came up..I see you said you got your son enrolled in gymnastics...make I ask where and do they have a program for 5 yr old advanced..I live At osan Air Base but would be willing to drive to Seoul to keep her in gymnastics..any information you have would be great you can email me at