Monday, September 24, 2007

Ian is One Year Old: Oh, What He Can Do!

The little man was busy this year:

1. He traveled to 4 countries: Egypt, Jordan, Qatar and the US and 8 States plus the District of Columbia. (I only count it if we stopped and got out of the airport).
2. He got mobile on the go: rolled over for the first time in Qatar; crawled in Cairo; perfected furniture walking in Virginia; took his first hands-free steps in Sharm el Shiekh for a French woman; learned to run in Pennsylvania.
3. He developed his communication skills: he can sign "milk"; he "woofs" to indicate a dog; he says,"dog", "duck", "daddy", "hi" and "yeah"; he makes eyes at the ladies like a seasoned ladies man.
4. He can high five, hug and point.
5. He can jump in the pool and go under water.
6. He now stacks things instead of just banging or destroying things I've stacked, though the latter still holds more appeal for him.
7. His latest feat involves turning a door knob to open a door.
8. He developed his palate: he eats everything except the highly allergenic stuff little ones aren't supposed to eat like peanut butter, shellfish, etc. He loves strong cheeses, spicy foods and garlic.
9. He engaged in politics: met the President of Egypt twice; rallied on Capitol Hill for the Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2007; and participated in grassroots lactivism just by doing what he does naturally, nursing.
10. He's quite a snappy dresser if I do say so myself.

What else can I say, but he is one cool dude.

The pictures were taken by Brooke Bass during his 1 Year photo session.


tanya@motherwearblog said...

Gorgeous pictures! And congratulations on making it to one year of breastfeeding!


Cairo Mama said...

Thanks! It feels great. I go to the breastfeeding support group run by the local hospital to encourage new moms during the rough times, because in the beginning, I had my doubts about whether I would make it.