Sunday, September 16, 2007

1st Birthday Report

Ian's first birthday party was a family birthday lunch. We served pulled pork and ox roast sandwiches, pesto green beans, Italian potato salad (meant for Heather's mom's picnic that was cancelled at the last minute), corn and black bean relish (made by Heather), mixed baby greens salad, a cheese and olive tray artfully arranged with grapes and eucalyptus leaves by my sister, fruit salad, watermelon lemonade and watermelon margharitas.

I made a 2-layer star-shaped cake: bottom layer was chocolate and top layer was vanilla. The frosting was a vanilla pudding, cool whip and powerdered sugar mixture that my mom has made for years. Heather wrote Ian's name on the cake. Curt's mom brought watermelon sorbet and cantaloupe ice cream from Milan, Ohio's annual Labor Day Weekend Melon Festival.

Ian ate his lunch, especially the pesto green beans and assorted cheeses.

But, he crashed before the cake and could not be revived.

Not even by Curt singing into his ear over the phone as the rest of us sang,"Happy Birthday" to him.

A few days later, we hosted playgroup and I served a repeat of the menu substituting chicken salad for ox roast and and leaving out the watermelon beverages. Again, Ian enjoyed his lunch, but crashed before he could eat his cake.

Later that night, we gave him a cupcake. He played with it and dipped his green beans in the frosting. He's just not a cake guy.

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