Saturday, March 6, 2010

H&M in Seoul Has Maternity & Nursing

Report from a friend:

Just got back from H&M in Myeongdong, and was really impressed with what they had!!!
They've got H&M MAMA!!!!!! Really nice maternity clothes, and nursing tops! They even have nursing bras! In western sizes too (Up to E cups)!!!
Tops were between 30,000 and 50,000 won. Jeans/ cargo pants 50,000 to 70,000. Pretty much the same as back home in Ireland.
I didn't buy anything cause I was at home for Christmas, and got loads in the sales, but they have some really nice things!

And the kids section looked really good too! Multi packs of onsies, socks, underwear, those kinds of things. They even had sleeping sacks, that looked to be a bit lighter than the grobag my baby sleeps in so might get one when it gets warmer. Again, I dind't buy anything, but had to hold myself back!!!! Plus the queue for the cashier was crazy!


Keturah said...

How exciting!!! any idea if they carry onesies in newborn sizes?

Mama Seoul said...

I haven't been there, but I know that H&M makes newborn sized onesies because I had some so I am sure that since they have a baby dept. that they will have newborn sized onesies.

momof3boys said...

How was the prices on the normal clothing? I was giving it time to calm down before I went.

Mama Seoul said...

I wasn't the one who went so I am not sure, but I think it is worth going. I've only been to H&M in the US and the prices are similar to Target. They have really good sales and specials and nothing is unreasonably priced.

Gerry said...

Yes they do carry onesies in newborn sizes. They have one section that is for babies from 0-3mths.

I picked up a few things, I like their 2 pack t-shirts and fold-up cargo pants for girls. They have some gorgeous summer dresses too.

In the 1 year and above section they have some Ben 10 and Star Wars printed t-shirts for boys but these weren't cheap though. You'd have to cough up KRW20,000+.

I found a gorgeous chiffon dress with ruffles on the collar for only KRW19,000. There are plenty of choice for casual wear and of course the maternity wear is so fashionable!

They have a small lingerie section and when I was in London in Sept last year, I bought 2 of their slips to wear to bed while preggers and they were the BEST buy! They have it here too for KRW19,000. It's cotton and available in grey and lilac with a bit of lace detail on the bosom.

Better still, check it out yourself!

Keturah said...

Great information, Gerry. Thank you! I'm right at 5 months pregnant and I have a 20 month old daughter so all of this news is coming right at the right time for me! Thanks again. :)