Monday, March 15, 2010

Biz, My Old Best Friend

The last Yongsan Playgroups Clothing Swap had a lot left over so I took a few backs of the smaller sized stuff for the off-Post moms-to-be to look through. In order to make things easier, I went through it and sorted it by gender and size. There were a few good pieces that were still in good condition, but stained. Normal wash and stain removal did not do the trick, but luckily the commissary now carries Biz. It seems to work even on old stains when nothing else will. I dissolved it in a bucket of very hot water and let the clothes soak all day. The stained came out! I also soaked some of Eva's clothes including her winter coat that I got at a previous clothing swap. If you looked closely, it had some grime on it that would not come out in the wash. Now, post-Biz, all that it gone and it looks great.


Sarah said...

I'll take note of that. The sleeper Grace came home from the hospital in has a yellow milk stain on it and I would like to get it out since I'm kind of attached to it. I will tell my mom to keep an eye out for that at home. Thanks!

MommyCha said...

Biz huh, sounds like it could be useful for getting out those pesky kimchi stains! ^.^
Thomas also has some yellow stains on his first clothing, no idea what it is from but it would be nice to see it cleaned up.

Mama Seoul said...

Both if you can just bring it over and I will get it out. MommyCha, the yellow stains on the front are usually spit up, breastmilk or formula. It does a good job on that, even old ones.

Hannah said...

Will have to check that stuff out. I hate when cute clothes get stained!

Yay for your one year breastfeeding milestone! That's awesome!