Saturday, March 20, 2010

Interview with Birthing in Korea's Lisa Fincaryk

From the Midnight Runner:


Jeni said...

I am totally scoping out your blog. We live in Atlanta now but are moving to Seoul in the summer. I am nervous about the housing....I see yours and LOVE that view. Plus it looks big and new. On base at Younsan we would get lowrise but are looking at off base too. Seoul sure looks like a fun place. I might get back to you with a few ?'s if you don't mind.

That first birthday party looks like a smash! I love all the decorations and her hat!

Mama Seoul said...

Hi Jeni,

Do you have the Yongsan Playgroups Forum link?

You have to register for access, but it is free. You can get a lot of info and advice about Yongsan and military life in Seoul.

Feel free to e-mail me at mamaseoul at gmail dot com

Jeni said...

Thank you very much...I did sign up. Someone in the Air Force over there called us the other night and answered a few question and I have been reading a lot on the Yongsan FB page. I went over to your friends blog...vegetarian in Korea...she has found some really fun places to eat. Krispy Kreme and a Chocolate place...nothing to make you feel at home like that.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Atlanta, Georgia but I am getting very excited to get to Korea.