Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Girl

She has two teeth, one on the bottom and one just poking through on top:

But she is working on the others constantly:

It is time to put away the bottles. Here is a picture of her taking her first (and pretty much her last) bottle. She drank about a half an ounce and that is the most she ever drank from a bottle. The two cans of free formula that I got in the mail can safely be passed on. She did not need them.

Her baby carseat has been removed from the car. I can't get Ian's carseat turned around because the latch is stuck so we will just have to wait for Curt to get home to do that.

I am a week away from the end of Eva's first year. I love the snuggly infant stage, but the second year is where things get interesting, where I learn more about her and she can make more choices and we can start to communicate better.


chalica pack said...

Look at these pictures! You have found the LIGHT. Great photos. And Eva is really beautiful.

Connie said...

She has such a sweet smile :) I can't believe how time flies!!

Sarah said...

Aw, she's getting cuter and cuter. Koreans must exclaim: "What big eyes!"

MommyCha said...

Eva is growing so fast! I can't believe it has been a year already! Gorgeous photos, she is so photogenic. She will be breaking even more hearts these days I bet! ^.~

Helena said...

Aaaah! She is so cute! I love those eyes.

Keturah said...

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