Friday, February 19, 2010

Eva's Summer Wardrobe Preview

Singapore is hot all year so we were able to break out Eva's summer clothes. There are a few things that might not make fit by the time summer rolls around in Korea so it was fun to see her wearing them.
I bought this outfit last year with a gift card someone gave me after Eva's birth. It is size 18 months, but I'm not holding out much hope that it will fit this summer in Korea. But, it is super cute:

Here we are riding a bike at the beach. She loved the ride. She looked up at the sky and pointed at things. The bike path at the beach had a lot of trees so it wasn't too hot. The outfit I got on sale with an extra coupon at Baby Star. I got a really cute crib sheet, blanket and some pjs for her as well from that site. This dress will definitely fit this summer:

This outfit is all hand-me-downs: onesie from a friend, jean shorts from Ian and shoes from the Thrift store:

This one was a gift from friend, Mona who moved back to the US just a few days after we got back to Korea after Eva's birth:

My friend's daughter had stickers and she and Ian scattered them all over the house. Eva found them all. Note that she has an "e" on her neck and a perfectly coordinated ampersand.


Connie said...

She is so cute! I think the white and yellow floral is my favorite, but I do like the coordinating stickers in the last shots :D

Mama Seoul said...

I do hope the yellow one still fits by summer!
She rolled on the stickers herself. Thought that was great accidental coordination!