Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New School for Ian

Last week, Ian started at a Korean preschool. It is an English-speaking school for Korean kids and employs a lot of foreign teachers. A bunch of kids from Ian's on Post preschools switched at the same time. It was sad to leave because I like Mustard Seed and CDC, but it is only three hours a day which isn't enough time for me to do anything and dominates my schedule. The bus picks the kids up before 9am and drops them off before 3pm. Another mom and I have been splitting a nanny once a week for our little kids. We went to Insadong last week and this week we went to a luncheon. The school teaches English reading and writing, Korean reading and writing, math, science, art and more. Not sure how much the American kids are getting out of it, yet because we don't push reading and writing as early as the Koreans do, but I'm sure after a few months we'll see some growth. They feed them lunch and snacks at school and all we have to do is wash the lunch tray. I haven't even had to do that because they haven't sent it home, yet. Their school backpacks come home with a communication journal every day where the teacher can let us know what the kids are doing and we can ask questions. All the American kids seem to be liking the school and adjusting well. And the moms sure love the new schedule!

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Connie said...

That's a great photo! So good to hear that Ian likes his new school. It's good to have a full day of school... 3 hours is barely long enough to get in and settled.