Thursday, April 9, 2009


We just returned from Eva's first roadtrip. We were supposed to leave on Saturday, but my friend got sick and I had a headache so we didn't leave until Sunday. My mom went with us instead of my friend. We had to make a much shorter trip as a result cutting out planned excursions to Savannah, Richmond and DC. The two main objectives of the trip were to let my sister see Eva and bring Roxxy to live with my sister.

We took two days to get down. Both kids did very well. Here we are at a rest stop:

We decided to leave Roxxy in Georgia with my sister and her dog because apartment living in Seoul is just not good for her. Plus, Teddy, Kate's dog, is lonely. They have a big yard and dog=friendly neighbors. There are dog parks to visit as well. It was hard to leave her, but the right thing to do, Kate is in medical school, so we may end up with both dogs at one point as well when she starts her residency. Ian cried on the way home,"I don;t want Teddy to have a friend. I want Roxxy with us."

I told him we didn't have a yard and he said,"We have a yard in Pennsylvania."

"Yes, but we are going back to Korea and we don't have a yard there."

The return home was not as smooth. We went home in 1 day and Eva did really well the first 17 hours, but the last two were rough. Yes, she mainly eats, sleeps and poops, but someone is almost always holding her. She was over the carseat! Ian fussed more as well, but at 2.5, he is bribable. When we arrived home, Ian was asleep so I put him in his crib. Eva was awake so we floated in the bathtub and then I held her closely all night. This morning, she was smiling.

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Elita said...

Eva is beautiful! Keep the adorable pics coming, I love them.