Thursday, April 9, 2009

Around the World in 80 Clicks

Cairo Connie tagged me for a new meme that’s been traveling the globe and will keep going until it reaches every corner of the world. It`s called Around the World in 80 Clicks.

The 5 Things I Love About Being a Mom:

1. Seeing the best and worst of myself and my husband combined into two perfect, unique creations.

2. Fully living in and appreciating the sentiments behind cliched statements like,"unconditional love", "they grow so fast", etc. You can't ever imagine what it will be like until it happens to you.

3. Exploring the world through a child's eyes is both beautiful and hilarious.

4. Knowing and believing that so many things that used to be important are really trivial in the grand scheme of life and happiness. When you have kids, you know what is important.

5. Learning to be present in the small moments of life like breastfeeding, cuddling, holding a child's hand to cross the street.

I tag two other expat-in-Korea moms: Sarah of Quest for Cuteness and Melissa of Expatriate Games


David said...

This is excellent - thank so much!

Connie said...

I like these! Especially the fifth. My dad knew how to be there. My mom never was. As a mom myself now, I know how much she missed out.