Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby's First Road Trip: Plan B

We (Eva, Ian, my friend and I ) were supposed to leave this morning on a road trip to Georgia to see my sister and take my dog to live with her while we are in Korea (another post on that later). Unfortunately, my friend got sick yesterday and I was struck down with a blinding headache. My headache is a bit better today, but I didn't get any of the preparations for leaving done, yesterday.
In the original plan, we were going to stop and see friends in Richmond, VA and the DC area on the way back. Neither stop is really "on the way", though.

In the revised plan, we are going to leave tomorrow after church and my mom with go with me instead of my friend. We will not be making the additional stops on the way back. It will still be a long haul (over 13 hours if we didn't have kids and dog), but not as long because my mom needs to be back. I was going to just do it on my own, but since she offered, it will be easier with another adult.

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