Saturday, April 4, 2009

Potty Time: First Underwear

A few weeks ago, we went to a playdate where one of the kids peed on the potty. All the adults clapped for her and then Ian and Ramey ran to the bathroom and wanted to go as well. I was in the other room and Tanis called out,"Ian peed on the potty."
Well, he peed on the floor because he was on a little girl's potty without a splash guard, but close enough! Ramey went as well. I was so inspired, I bought Ian his first underwear. I told him about it, but didn't put them on since we will be traveling soon.

Two weeks later, we went back to the same playgroup and Stella peed on the potty again. Ramey ran right to the bathroom and she peed again. Ian said,"No thanks."

However, later that day when we got home, he took off his diaper and told my mom that he wanted to pee on the potty. She put him on and he pooped! Then, he asked for his underwear. I put them on and he walked around for about 20 minutes before peeing on the floor. He cleaned it up and asked for more underwear! He lasted longer the second time, but we put him in a diaper before he went outside. This gives me hope for the big potty push when we get back. When I really start, though, we are going to stay home for a week and wear underwear all the time and from that point on, wear underwear. I will have to bring changes of clothes and more underwear.

I only have a three pack of underwear at this point. I need to get more!


Connie said...

Excellent job Ian! I definitely support going straight from diapers to underwear. Trainers, pants with liners, all these are just advanced forms of diapers. Underwear gets messy if the child doesn't make it to the potty in time, and that gives incentive to learn very quickly.

wilson said...

Go Ian! We have been working with mya for about seven months. She is finally day-trained but it will be awhile before she is ready at night.

Sarah said...

cute undies! I wonder if he'll be like my little brother... once he hit 4 years old, he didn't want superman or dinosaur undies...he wanted "man underwear"...or plain ones like dad's. hahaha~ I think my mom had trouble finding plain little boys undies...haha memories