Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Glad I Hired a Doula

I had a doula for my last birth and she was really great about helping find resources throughout my pregnancy, and she was great to have during my surgery since Ian was breech. Since this baby was breech for so long, I put off hiring a doula because I've been through surgery and don't need the support for another scheduled c-section, if that is what I would need to do.

After the baby was turned, however, I started thinking,"I might actually be normal. I might actually have this baby!"

I have no clue what it will be like. I never had any contractions with Ian. I have had some Braxton-Hicks with this baby, but they are just tightening, they are barely noticeable. So at the last minute, I contacted two of the big doula groups in Pittsburgh and the one that got back to me fastest, I went with. I met my doula, Kelly, at Borders in Pittsburgh after my appointment last week. She seems to have a calm presence and I felt comfortable with her. Ideally, you should interview multiple people, but I just want to have someone in place. Ian was going a bit crazy so we are going to meet again on Monday before my appointment, this time over lunch to keep Ian occupied.

I wish I could use my Erie doula again, but Pittsburgh is too far to ask her to go, especially if I am in labor for a long time. The Pittsburgh doulas will be more familiar with the area as well.

I finished knitting the purple dress. Need to get pictures up. I've made some cute Mary Jane booties but they turned out too small. Maybe they can be used for a doll or a premie or someone not destined to have big boats for feet as this baby is. I increased the needle size on the second pair, but they still look too small. We'll see.

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