Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pregnancy Preparation Update

Earlier in my pregnancy, I wrote about my preparations. I did really well with Hypnobabies and exercise in the second trimester. The third trimester has been so cold that exercise has fallen by the wayside a bit. I have also been focusing on trying to turn the baby. Now that the baby has finally turned (by external version), I really need to get working on labor preparation. Kegels. I have definitely slacked on the Kegels. I haven't done many squats to avoid the baby settling into the pelvis in the wrong position, but now I need to squat a lot. There really is so much to do. I still haven't decided on perennial massage. Seems there are conflicting opinions on its usefulness and it doesn't feel good. I've heard it compared to roughing up your nipples for nursing and that makes sense to me, though many people swear by it.

My friend Heather is making me some mix cds for labor and I am going to try to get some yoga cds from my former yoga teacher here in town so I have variety. I didn't bring any music with me except an Erykah Badu cd that I threw in my bag at the last minute. I don't have much on my computer because I hadn't gotten around to loading it.

The birth beads came from the Due Date Club so I need to make that necklace. Only 9 people ended up participating. I think the bad weather put a damper on things.

I need to pack my hospital bag as well. I didn't make an elaborate bag last time because it was a scheduled cesarean and you don't need as much. I think I'll gather everything and then try to figure out which bag to use.

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Connie said...

You are so close! Soon! :-)