Monday, February 23, 2009

Ian Says...

Ian is really hilarious. It is so funny to hear what he picks up. He has started paying attention to commercials lately. He likes to say:

"Bite you back!" Burger King

"Ditch the itch." Scalpicin

He sings,"1-800-SAFE-AUTO. Pick up da phone, da call is free."

The funniest/saddest one is below:

The other day he told my mom,"I feel sick."

She said,"What hurts?"

He said,"Depression hurts."


Ian,"Cymbalta can help. I need Cymbalta."

Tonight at dinner he asked us,"How do you feel? Are you happy? Do you feel happy?"

I said,"Yes, I am happy. How do you feel?"

Ian said," I feel confident."

Any guesses? Poligrip denture creme? Depends adult diapers? Or I am being too cynical, could this be a result of something going on at Montessori?


Sarah said...

Sounds like Depends to me... haha! That's so cute...

Now if he starts repeating Korean commercials, he could really freak some people out!

Connie said...

Too funny! I'll guess deodorant or feminine hygiene products? Honor is our recorder. She remembers lines from her favorite cartoons and repeats them - often with good voice impressions too. She also like to tell the plots as stories, which can be interesting at times. Her current favorite is an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and I can only imagine how that translates to other 5yos, "And then Santa got turned into a vampire by his wife, because he wasn't helping enough with the housework..."

Love to watch them learn! And I love all Ian is applying is new vocab properly :-)

Mama Seoul said...

There is actually a California Dairy board commercial out right now with a Korean cow speaking in Korean trying to become the "Next California Cow" because "Happy cows make the best cheese and happy cows come from California" or something like that. So there is a chance he could pick up some Korean!

Allis said...

LOL! How lovely