Friday, February 6, 2009

Let the Pink Begin!

They saw labia at today's sonogram, so I am going with girl and hitting the stores this weekend for some girl things. If this baby is a boy, he will have some unfortunate drag baby pictures so I hope they are right!

They said the placenta looked fine so that is a relief. The next step is to schedule the external version to rotate the baby to vertex to get ready for birth. They said there was no obvious reason for the breech.

I called my friend Kim to see if she wanted to meet for lunch after my appointment, but since I had Ian with me, I asked if she could come with me to the appointment to help. She is actually staying in Sharon right now, but needed to go to Pittsburgh to get some things from her apartment, so I picked her up in Grove City and we headed to her apartment first. The weather was awesome with blue sky, dry roads, sun and temperatures in the 30s. I felt alive again. Kim's nephew was going to be stopping in Grove City to eat on the way to a college tournament and wanted his mom to meet him there to give him a phone he ordered and had sent home. Instead, Kim took it and left it in her parked car which has a code on it. He was able to use the code to open the car and get his phone.

All of this was planned at the last minute and just worked out. It is refreshingly unexpected when that happens.


Rebecca R said...

Congrats-a pigeon pair,that's awesome!

Connie said...

Yay! Ian's going have a little chaos, I mean, sister! :-D

Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your friend. Definitely seems like everything went super smooth.