Thursday, January 1, 2009


We might be able to borrow one of my mother-in-law's cars for while I am in the US. It would be great if we could, but if we can't, I can share my parents' cars. They work t the same school so they carpool anyway, but if I have my own car, they will have more freedom.

My mom bought us a Maclaren Volo (on sale at Target). I left my Inglesina Zippy in Korea because we had too much stuff to bring back and I didn't think I would use it enough in Erie to justify. Plus, if I buy a new stroller or a double stroller, I will need to get that one back. It is really nice to have a stroller to use, though. The Maclaren Volo is very lightweight, but has enough features that it will be comfortable to use. Some of the really cheap umbrella strollers are hard to push, too short and not very comfortable for the kid. If I do get another stroller I can leave this one here to use when we come to visit since it didn't cost a fortune. My mom had a Maclaren for me and pushed me all over Europe in it.


Melissa said...

I LOVE Maclaren!! My sister had one in Hong Kong for years and when she moved back to Canada she took it with her (dirty and ratty by that point) and happily used it for another few years. I loved the way it just smoothly glided over bumps and uneven edges. Very sweet.

Rah, rah!

Mama Seoul said...

This one is mostly going to be for indoor use like at the mall or the airport. Much easier than navigating the hills of Seoul!