Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sick and Sick of Winter

Ian and I got colds mid-December. They seemed to be getting better when last weekend we got fluish symptoms. He got diarrhea and had a slight fever and was generally weak; I threw up a few times (may have been because of coughing, though) and felt weak. This is the third time Ian has been sick since his flu shot. Now, these illnesses might now have been the flu, but I am really wondering whether it is worth it all. Now, my mom has a cold and our cold is back.

I also have heartburn.

Heartburn and coughing = gross. I did not have heartburn with Ian. The nurses kept asking me because he was born with a full head of hair, but I didn't. This is gross.

Also, I do not like winter. It is nice to visit, but living in it is rough. I hate being cold and I need sunlight. I can never get warm. I need to go buy some warmer clothes so I can get out of my husband's sweatshirts. The ground has been covered with snow the whole time we've been here except for a few days after Christmas.

I need to venture out today to copy my records for the two midwives I will be meeting with next week. I don't want to. There is a hint of sunshine and the roads are clear so it is better than it has been, but more snow is coming!


Connie said...

Oh my! Sounds miserable :-( We've been fighting colds off and on through the last month or so too. Even the cats have been sneezing. blech! I am with you in believing that winter should be visited, not lived in! When I was pregnant with Brian, I was HOT. Didn't matter that it was so bitterly cold that my husband was wearing a parka (zipped up even!) ... I could barely stand a regular coat. I got cold as soon as he was born. When pregnant with Honor, I knew she had to be a girl, because she did not keep me warm like her brother. To make it doubly unfair (silly) was she also rode differently in my belly.. I couldn't wear pants or tights without them rolling down to the point of falling off! It was horrible... and freezing.

Sorry to hear you are cold with colds. Please stay warm and snuggly and get better soon :-)

Mama Seoul said...

I wasn't warm with Ian or this baby. I think it would take twins to make me sweat!