Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ian Helps

Pictures from the beginning of January:

Ian helps Daddy:

Ian helps Grandma make rolls:

Ian also likes to do the dishes. I've been told that I liked to do the dishes until I became old enough to actually be helpful. I have no memory of ever liking to do the dishes.

Today Ian helped Grandma wash potatoes. He has even said he wants to eat them. We shall see. White potatoes are one of the few foods he doesn't eat (unless, of course they are potato chipped or french fried).


Connie said...

What a big boy!! I love to have the kids help... even when it has to be redone discreetly ;-)

Mine do not handwash dishes. The water temps vary so much I don't want to risk it. They have been clearing the table, scraping their own plates, and putting things in the dishwasher since they were 2-3 years old. I like that I rarely have to even say anything. They finish eating, and go clean up.

Mama Seoul said...

He doesn't really wash the dishes, just splashes n the water while my mom washes them. He pulls up his chair to "help grandma".

Honor and Brian and definitely good helpers! Very sweet to see.

Sarah said...

Way to go Ian! I can't wait to see how he helps you out with the baby... it's going to be so cute!!

J.D. said...

Awwww, he's sweet! Did he eat the potatoes? I LOVE them any kind of way, lol!

Mama Seoul said...

He did eat the potatoes. In fact, that was all he ate. He loves roast beef and green beans, but didn't eat them at dinner. He did eat some meat for a snack later. I was really surprised about the potatoes.