Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So, besides going to the chiropractor and inverting in strange ways, moxibustion is listed as a way to try to turn a breech baby. There is a Chinese MD with a little shop who practices accupuncture near my house (even in this small city). I stopped by to see her and she said she doesn't normally use moxa* because Americans think it is marijuana and she doesn't want to get in trouble, but since my problem could not be addressed with the heat lamp and really required moxa she would show me how and then give me some to do at home.

You apply the heat to the outside of the little toes. It felt good until it got too hot and she just kept switching sides. Afterwards, she had me on my knees with my chest on the floor for 20 minutes. I did notice a lot of movement afterwards, but the baby didn't fully turn. You are supposed to keep doing it until it happens.

Unfortunately, moxa stinks! It smells like smudging your house with sage or going to a Phish show. It gets all in your clothes and hair and everywhere. I tried to do it in the garage today to spare my parents, but it was too cold so I moved to an upstairs bathroom, opened the window and turned on the fan. The bathroom still smells. Moxa in winter is not going to work. I may try to do it at my friend's house a few more times but I won't be able to do it regularly.

The other thing I worry able is the amount of smoke. It is like smoking a hooka, but not clean like the Arabic fruit-flavored tobacco. I can feel it in my throat afterwards. It is relaxing, but not that healthy.

Back to leaning off the couch and visiting the chiropractor!

*For my friends in Korea, moxa is dried, rolled mugwort which I am sure you have eaten in rice cakes and in other culinary preparations. It should not be eaten while pregnant.


Sarah said...

Wow, I can't wait to hear if this works!

Rebecca R said...

Shew you're working hard to get (her?) to turn!MIL & I r crossing fingers 4 u ;-)Have you checked out spinningbabies?

Mama Seoul said...

Thanks, Rebecca. I have seen that sight and am doing some rocking and inversions. Can't wait to meet the babies this summer, it is going to be so much fun!

Connie said...

Come on baby! Be nice to your mama! Turn around and get ready already :-D

Oh, and dibs on March 14th as arrival date.. that's our anniversary, 17 years!, I wouldn't mind saying cheers to a new earthling on the same day I toast to my hubby :-)

Mama Seoul said...

Got you down for March 14th! Congrats on almost 17 years that is awesome!