Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Social Butterflies

Today, Ian and I met up with Caiden and Nicole at the Maadi House. There used to be a playgroup on Wednesdays, but no one was there. It was actually better for Caiden and Ian because they are so small. I spread a blanket and toys and the boys are actually starting to interact with each other. Usually, we just meet for lunch and they don't play or even seem to notice each other much. Caiden is almost exactly 2 months younger than Ian, but he outweighs Ian and is about the same length. I was able to capture of few pictures. Ian's hand is on the opposite side in the second picture.

There was another woman there with a 9 month old baby girl named Mikayla. We invited them to play with us. I am proud of myself for reaching out and making the effort to meet someone new. We all had lunch together and it was a nice outing.

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