Wednesday, March 14, 2007

5 Things About Me

I've been tagged by Jennifer at the Lactivist.

1. I've been in two movies: Dive "Girl on the Street #2"and Washington Interns Gone Bad "Mistress Bridgette" and "Summer". You can see the trailers for WIGB. One of the actresses threatened to make a sequel titled, Washington Interns Gone Baghdad, who would have imagined it would still be topical 5 years later? WIGB is a slapstick political comedy, not a porno. It just has a salacious title to get attention and comment on the intern scandals happening when it was made.

2. I was the Campaign Manager for my friend, Adam Eidinger's DC "Shadow" US Representative Campaign, the slogan was "4 Eyes on the Prize", which referenced his trademark glasses. He was a DC Statehood Green Party candidate. I am not Green Party in general. I am a registered Democrat, but my views are a combination of Libertarian and Social Progressive. I protested Bush's first election and cried (sobbed) for a week after his second election.

3. I was a vegetarian for years, but living with prostelitizing vegans drove me back to meat. The first red meat I had in 7 years was leg of lamb followed by diner burgers. I still eat tofu, but I love well-prepared beef and lamb.

4. I am a Bikram Yoga fan, unfortunately, there is no Bikram studio here, though I suppose I could do it myself outside in the summer. Bikram is a 90 minute class done in a hot room. The first time, your goal is just to stay in the room the whole time. You look at the regulars with space heaters right by their mats for additional heat and think they belong in the nut house. The second time is easier. By the third time you enjoy it and by the following week you are addicted. The heat clears you mind and it gently strengthens and stretches you so that you see immediate toning results. Wow. I think I've convinced myself to do it outside this summer. I really miss it.

5. I despise chat speak like "dh" "wahm", etc. but I do accept that most other people like to use it. Even in this post, I have used acronyms myself, you can't escape! Perhaps this dislike stems from my military childhood with its endless acronyms. I went to several DoDDs schools in USAREUR, which is OCONUS, shopped at the PX watched AFN, my dad worked at HQ and participated in NATO exercises. There were a couple SNAFUs along the way, but I learned a lot growing up that way. Or maybe it is because I have a long last name starting with "Z" and people were always trying to shorten it and didn't even try to pronounce it.

I tag Sukie in Tunisia, MamaBean and ltrajman.

I think it is great that the left and the right are coming together on issues like breastfeeding and the environment. Perhaps there's hope afterall...

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