Saturday, October 23, 2010

In Search of My Roots

I was born blonde. I think of myself as blonde. But, they truth is, that for many of us childhood blondes, staying blonde requires a lot of chemical help. It's expensive, damaging to the hair and probably not healthy to keep up with the maintenance of blonde. The reason we want to stay blonde is that our hair darkens to a non-descript, dull color that is no longer blonde but not rich enough or dark enough for brunette. I saw Chris Rock interviewed on Oprah and he asked Ali Wentworth about her natural color. She shuddered in horror when they showed a high school photograph. Same problem as me.

In order for my hair to look good, I need to highlight and straighten it which I don't do often. So, I have expensively highlighted hair pulled back in a pony tail. I'm starting to wonder what's the point of it all.

Last week or so I threatened to shave my head. As is usually the case when I threaten my hair, for the next few days, it looked really good to me. I think that is the power of denial. Then, I started thinking that shaving my head would be the best way, a fresh start, a chance to become acquainted with my natural hair color again (oh, the horrors of that thought!). Thankfully, some friends talked me out of it and after seeing another friend with a similar problem, I decided to try an alternative solution: going dark. My friend had an all-over base color and then added back in a lot of highlights. The results are much more natural that before. I decided to go dark and stay dark. I did put a few small highlights in the front, but now, I will await the emergence of my natural color (as long as I can stand it). I'll probably still have it in a pony tail a lot more than anyone over the age of 12 should, but at least I'll be saving money. Here it is:


Connie said...

Very nice!! It works well on you, but I am sure it may take awhile for you to get used to.
I am brunette, but when I was young, I was outside so much that I bleached blonde...a brown child with very light hair. As I got older, I'd naturally sun bleach red, less blond. It wasn't until I lived in the UK for 3 years until I found out that I really had fairly dark hair. It's been lightening up again... more sun? Age? I definitely have streaks of white, but the color itself is lighter too. I give up. My 'natural color' is going to be whatever we agree on at the moment. (Currently - dyed red) :D

chalica pack said...

I'm not sure what is cuter, the new hair (fantastic!) or that picture of you and Eva. SO ADORABLE.

Sarah said...

I thought it looked great when I saw you. And the less fuss the better. I was thinking of going darker, but I think I'll just stay where I am for now.

MommyCha said...

I was born blonde, then was read for most of my teen/young adult life. I went back to my roots when we were married and haven't looked back! My hair picks up natural highlights in the sun, is thicker and healthier than ever. When I do get a cut or styling it looks like a whole new hairstyle for a fraction of the cost of the colouring and etc. of the past! I love it now!
I think you look amazing and adorable, hope you grow to love it!

Janeen said...

I love the brown of my hair color. What I don't like is the GRAY. At 30, I probably have close to 25% gray. My mom spotted my first gray hair before I even turned 15 and I'm still almost positive that I had a gray hair at 12. So now, more than half of my life I have had at least one strand of gray hair and if looking at my mom and older sister is any indication, in about 10 years, I'll be looking at going blond if I want to be able to hide the gray. What's really sad is I have more gray hair than my husband and he's 16 years older. SO...right now, I leave it but I've been really tempted to cut it and dye it red. Usually, I tend to go with brown but did play around with colors when my hair was shorter (and didn't require two boxes of hair color). On one hand, I hate the gray but on the other, I hate the maintenance but now, just having turned 30, I'm REALLY hating my hair right now! These days due to baby, shedding, and just being tired of it, it's up and braided a lot of the time.

Connie said...

Janeen - I got my first streaks of white in my 20's. My hair is now (naturally) brown-red-white.. I'm calico. I like to use the temp dyes as they do not dry out and damage my hair. The dye actually seems to fill in and protect, and my hair is softer for weeks (we have harsh water). It also rinses out gradually, so no roots growing out to fuss about. I find that the temporary dye does NOT cover evenly... my dark hair gets darker, the white bits dye lighter. Kinda like free, no fuss, highlights.