Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Communication with Eva

Eva is talking a lot. She speaks in short sentences. She uses some pronouns and the possessive. It is getting really fun.

She says,"What so funny? I funny!"

I usually drive to the bus stop and wait for the bus to arrive. The other day I put Ian on the bus and as I got back in the car, Eva pointed and said,"Pinch phone. Pinch phone."

I looked at my pink phone and I had a missed call.

Today as we were getting ready to pick up Ian I said,"We need to go get Ian. Where did he go?"

Eva said,"Ian Big bus."

Her favorite sentence is,"I do it!"

She loves to do things herself. She is very messy.

She says,"I finished."

I don't know how many words she says, but it is quite a few. She repeats words a lot. Ian was 20 months old when I got pregnant with Eva. He was still sort of a baby, but by the time she was born and he was 2.5, he was a boy. Eva is 19 months old and since I have been here before and know how quickly the change happens, I will enjoy the part of her that is still a baby.

It is funny because even though I have been through all the developmental things (through age 4 at least) with Ian, it is still so wonderful and miraculous and fresh to experience them with Eva.

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