Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good Big Brother

Yes, she hits him. Yes, she bites him. Yes, she climbs on him. And he gets mad.

But, he is a good big brother.

Tonight, after eating his dinner, Ian was allowed to pick a treat from the Halloween bag. Eva was not. She did not eat enough dinner. She through a terrible screaming fit. "Pop!" she shrieked as it she were being violently attacked. I took her in the bedroom to calm her down by nursing.

Ian came in with her milk cup,"I think Eva wants to finish now. I will tell her its good so she can have candy."

I said,"Try, but I don't think she will finish her dinner. It is o.k. for her not to finish her dinner, but if she doesn't, she can't have a lollipop. "

She again refused to eat her rice and drink her cow's milk and began frantically jumping and pointing at the cabinet where the candy is kept.

Ian,"Maybe tonight she can just have candy. Tomorrow she'll eat a good dinner first, but tonight she should just have candy,mom. She really wants a lollipop."

Of course, that got a big no from mama. Then, he said,"Eva come here."

I suspected he was going to share his lollipop and had to shut him down but complimented him for trying to share.

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Connie said...

That is very, very sweet!!!